Next country, please

The stay in Užice has been a bit messy lately. The hostel staff happily informed me that I could go on a tour on Thursday. They just forgot to mention that I wouldn’t have a place to sleep afterwards, because they were fully booked that night. When I found out late on Wednesday, I was […]

Yesterday’s News

It’s a work/drink coffee/chat/go for walks day today, so no new trip reports. Instead I’ll do as the media and just add to yesterday’s report. The landscape was amazing – but I think I mentioned that yesterday as well. The group was very small as well, just tour guide Marco from the hostel, another traveller […]

Easy going Užice

This city is a nice and calm contrast to noisy and polluted Belgrad. The hostel fits right in and is the best on this trip so far. Good location, nice people, terrace with amazing view, decent beds and clean bathrooms. Don’t see myself leaving in a hurry. When I learned that horseback tours are on […]

9:10 to Bar

Just four days since the last train experience and I was ready for the next one. No overnight trains for me though. Not in the near future. This time it would be a day train, specifically the one to Montenegro (via Užice). Unlike last Friday I was already tired when I arrived at the station. […]

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