Stuttgart bye bye

It is official now, I have been exiled from Swabia for not being miserly enough. One has to know that in Swabia, money is the highest good and has to be valued above all else. Financial status is of utmost importance and the average citizen is so tight, you couldn’t pull a penny out of […]

Monte Scherbelino

Overlooking Stuttgart from the west is Birkenkopf, a 500m high elevation. It grew by 40 metres in the years 1953 to 1957 when 1.5 million m³ of rubble were cleared from the bombed city and moved to the hill. Most locals know it by its unofficial name “Monte Scherbelino” which roughly translates to “Mount Shards”.

Cannstatter Wasen

“Cannstatter Wasen: prepare for overcrowded trains, delays and maladjusted people” – that message was showing on train departure displays at main station last weekend. The comedian in charge got into trouble with his superiors. Personally I think he should have gotten a commendation but there is no arguing with the wimps in charge of political […]

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