According to common folklore, baby Jesus was born some 2000 years ago. Considering how Christianity has brought two millennia of terror and suffering onto the world, why not celebrate the anniversary with a little bloodshed. Stage free for cock-fighting in the village down the road. Just as on the Philippines, the cocks have a single […]

Famous Rice Terraces

The area north-west of Tabanan is hardly developed at all in terms of tourism infrastructure. Which is perfect for me and also a stark contrast to pretty much all of south Bali. Up here, there is about one bed-and-breakfast per village. The one we are staying at has a total of four rooms, so locals […]

Volcanic Sunrise

It is surprising how many people get up in the middle of the night to climb a volcano. My friend and I were two of them. After a 2:00am pick up, we were delivered to the bottom of Mount Batur at 4:00 sharp. With two hours to go until sunrise, we set out on the […]

Central Bali

Ok I’ve changed my mind about Ubud. This town is incredibly annoying. Traffic is even slower than Yangon (sic!) and vast areas of Ubud exist solely for the purpose of tourism. I’m always glad when I get out of the town and to our resort on its fringe. The area around is beautiful though. Kids […]

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