Volcanic Sunrise

It is surprising how many people get up in the middle of the night to climb a volcano. My friend and I were two of them. After a 2:00am pick up, we were delivered to the bottom of Mount Batur at 4:00 sharp.

With two hours to go until sunrise, we set out on the climb up to the 1,700m peak. It was a reasonably easy hike with a 700m ascend stretched over almost 2h of walking. As aforementioned, there were a lot of people on that mountain. The narrow path resembled the streets of Ubub: jam packed and stop-and-go all the time.

The crowd grew thinner over time and the bulk of people remained at a station some 200m below the peak. We didn’t come all the way to almost climb up a volcano though and went on to stumble up a slope of rubble and volcanic ash.

It was getting light by the time we reached the top and the sun was about to rise behind the peak of Mount Agung.


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