Difference #5: On the Road

Travelling long distances on the road in Australia is different. It’s not just the driving on the other side of the road. There is no separate speed limit for trucks, pretty much regardless of their size. That means that if you’re obeying the speed limit or even stay a bit below it you will sooner […]

Difference #3: Liquor

While you can buy alcoholic drinks in any supermarket in Germany, you have to go to a designated bottle shop here in Australia. They are all over the city, have names like “Liquor Legends” and are often even drive-through. Like groceries, liquor is really expensive here. A pack of 6×0.375l beer costs around $10-$15 and […]

Difference #2: Groceries

Most important thing to know about buying groceries in Oz is: They are eeexpensive here! Being used to the subsidised prices in the European Union, the first visit to an Australian supermarket kind of made my eyes water. Here are some examples for the cost of every day products. – Mushrooms (1kg) $10 – Onions […]

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