9:10 to Bar

Just four days since the last train experience and I was ready for the next one. No overnight trains for me though. Not in the near future. This time it would be a day train, specifically the one to Montenegro (via Užice). Unlike last Friday I was already tired when I arrived at the station. […]

Belgrade at Night

The local government doesn’t shy away from spending a few tax dollars on illuminating the city’s shiniest buildings. Good reason to grab the camera and head out for an evening/night walk. Both of the above buildings are about three minutes walking distance from the hostel. The church below about 15-20 minutes.


As in almost every city on earth, the area near the train station in Belgrade is not the nicest. When I arrived yesterday, short on sleep and covered in stale sweat, I thought I had arrived in some super-dodgy third world country. That changed though with every meter walked and by the time I was […]

Noisy Night

Vaguely I remember Deutsche Bahn’s advertisement for overnight trains: “Arrive refreshed at your holiday location”, “Save one day of travelling”, etc. Those reasons and a good experience on a trip to Denmark years ago probably made me decide on the overnight train option. The journey started well. Turns out when you pay a little extra […]

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