Soccer and Cairns

Now that was new! I’ve never before gotten up at 2am in the Morning to watch a soccer game. When Germany played Australia we went to a British pub in the CBD to get some public viewing feeling. Monday was a holiday (Queens Birthday) so the location was quite crowded. The mood of the cheerful […]

The Journey en detail

Thursday, May 20th 15:30 CEST: Leaving home by car. We decided to start early as we expected to hit the rush hour in Bremen. Thursday, May 20th 16:30 CEST: Check-in at Bremen airport. I was hoping my luggage wouldn’t exceed the weight limit as the scales at home showed almost 23 kg (the max weight […]

Stopover in Singapore

Now that’s what I call a nice airport! Just took a swim in the rooftop pool on Terminal 1 and enjoyed the view from the pool bar over the airport. WLAN internet access is free – makes Frankfurt look like third world. The journey has been without trouble so far. We left home around 15:30 […]

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