Across Bhaktapur

During my time in Bhaktapur, I stayed with a guest family who lived across town from where the office was located. Thus every morning and afternoon I walked from one side of town to the other, past temples, shops and craftsmen. There is more than one route to take and I’ve cut together impressions from […]

Developments in Web Development

For a couple of days, we were working together. Remember when the organisation asked me to become lead developer for the career advice project? That’s what happened and for the days following, I endeavoured to assess my coworkers abilities. I knew that they had some deficits, but looking at the total work done by 2-3 […]


Blood is running in the streets and the air is filled with biting smoke. Fortunately it’s not a return of the Maoist insurgency but merely another religious event. This time every family worships its cast’s deity by means of a goat sacrifice. Right in front of their houses. Sadly the meat is only shared with […]

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