Berlin Basketball

Went to see a premier league basketball game for – I think – the first time in my life. Berlin was playing Ulm in the quarterfinals. Such a relaxed and family friendly affair. I only have soccer as a comparison, where it’s usually a lot of drunk people and heaps of police, versus… this: Only […]

Local Currency

When in need for cash in a foreign country, one is presented with several options. They are, in order from best to worst: Withdrawing with a credit card at a local ATM. This is a good option because the home bank will use the inter-bank rate for converting from foreign into home currency. Banks might […]

Brussels? Bruxelles? Brusela?

Some airports have acceptable coffee, I remember Ljubljana favourably. Other airports just don’t deliver on the front of hot caffeinated beverages. Brussels seems to be strongly set on that list, as all the establishments I saw had those one-button-press machines. Those that generate a light brown insult to the coffee bean. So what do to? […]

Quiet Málaga

Málaga is quiet this time of the year. Temperatures under 20° make it unattractive for the beach crowds and all those coming for the nature are not staying in town for long. I like it that way and I’m happy to report that food and coffee are on a whole different level than the rubbish […]

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