What if?

So what if I don’t get a proper job in NZ? In that case I’ll be in a remote corner of the world with my funds on an uncomfortable all-time low. I would then have a couple of options.

1. Try to get some casual work to keep myself afloat. That could give me some more time to find an IT job, but I think if I haven’t gotten one by the end of the month, I’d need a lot of luck to get one any time soon. Doing casual work for a longer time is not an option. It wouldn’t allow for much saving up and I already had the experience in Australia. Nice to have but now I’m keen on a solid regular income and some IT work.

2. Go back to Germany and get an IT job there. Judging by the massive feedback I got when I registered unemployed, that would be way easier than attempting it abroad. It would allow me to save up some money and I could give working abroad another shot later on. I’m still eager to do that, I want to compare IT work in another country to that in Germany.

3. Find a way to make money in SEA. Non-government-organizations (NGOs) are active in all countries there and might have use for IT skills. The salary would be lower than in western countries but so is the cost of living and that would once again allow me to save up some money. Also it would be another very interesting experience.

Teaching English is another option for Asia. The salaries for foreigners can be solid but the fact that I’m not a native speaker would make things more difficult.

In the end everything would boil down to raising some funds for a second attack on the IT-work-abroad adventure.

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