Prepared for the Temple

Modest white clothing, personal items, insect repellent, an umbrella, I think I’ve got what I need for the next ten days. I hope I won’t be surrounded by too many of the people that a local Thai described as ‘smelly hippie people’.

There is always a fair share of them around in Chiang Mai as the city has a reputation for being the ‘alternative’ centre of Thailand. Most of them are nice people yet some make me look like a republican and have a grasp on reality that is more remote than the shores of a Pacific island. But I’m digressing.

What is for sure is that I’ll spend the next week and a half among Buddhist monks and so far all I’ve met were incredibly friendly, open and even humorous. But given that I’m going on a meditation retreat I probably won’t do much talking.

To keep the valued readers of this blog entertained, I’ll schedule a post or two to be released during my absence. Have to organize some transportation now.

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