Chiang Mai Stopover

After a 17.5 hours train ride (3.5 hours delay due to floods) I’m back in Chiang Mai now. I didn’t expect to be here again that soon but the city is a stop on the way to my next adventure. Quite an unusual adventure that’ll be, a ten days meditation retreat at Wat Phradhat Doi Suthep.

I’ve been interested in learning meditation for a while but never really got the hang of it. My interest is based on two motivations. For one I met a lot of people who have meditation experience and highly recommend it. And I mean real people, not the nutters you’d all so often associate with meditation.

Besides that curiosity I also have a professional interest. Apparently some people are able to switch off after a day in front of the computer with the help of meditation. That’d be very helpful as all kinds of IT work usually screw up my brain for hours after the job is finished.

All-in-all I’ll be without notebook, cell phone and similar toys from the 15th to the 25th. I reckon it’ll be tough but I love making new experiences.

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