Car Rental Stories

Over the last couple of weeks I worked for the car rental every now and then, covering for other workers either at where I worked before or at the shop my room-mate works for.

One day I drove four really old people to the airport. As it turned out they were German mormons who moved to Australia a couple of years ago. When they found out that I was German as well, the guy in the passenger seat started questioning me about how it is in Germany at the moment. “Are those left-wing radicals still advancing? I can’t stand them. Are you a leftist as well?”. It went like that for the rest of the ride and I did my best to dodge questions about my political and religious views.

That was the longest 10 minute drive to the airport ever. If I believed in god I’d probably have prayed to make it end faster. When we finally arrived I helped the elders getting out of the car and got their luggage from the boot. They thanked me for giving them a ride and one of the ladies passed me five bucks. Nice touch, that was the only tip I ever got while working at the car rental!

While the job is just a temp position for me there are also people working there who do it as their regular job. Comes to no surprise that they don’t exactly have a university degree in their pocket. They are the kind of guys who pass comments about every woman in a skirt they come along and use a language that seems like a contest on who can put the most ‘fuck’ in a single sentence. Joining them for a trip to pick up cars at the airport sounds a bit like this: “Fuck, those bloody stops all the time. Ah fuck, the fuck you’re horning at? Fuck that, what a fucking wanker!”. Fan-fucking-tastic!

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