It is warm, it is wet, it is the tropics! Temperatures are now usually at 30° here in Cairns and in addition to that heavy rainfalls in the last days brought the humidity up to 90%. Now that’s just a number. To give you an idea of what that means a couple of examples. A cold bottle from the fridge creates a puddle of water within minutes. Eggs from the fridge soak the box they’re in just from the water that condenses on them. Cigarette papers stick together in the packing because the glue gets wet. Wet cloth don’t dry unless they are in the sun.

Years ago I saw a documentary about the Vietnam war where a soldier said “It’s not the heat that’s killing you, it’s the humidity.”. I now have a feeling of what he meant. Still, I’m not in Germany any more so I don’t want to complain. It’s heaps better than freezing temperatures and unless I’m doing physical work or try to get to sleep it doesn’t really bother me. Good thing the office has aircon!

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