Still not digging Canada

So there I was, in Canada. Thinking about what I was doing there, in Canada. Every day.

I didn’t come up with an answer. I felt like I wanted to leave though, there wasn’t much doubt about that. But having spent a fair bit of time and money on the visa and the flight, I thought that just leaving might be a waste.

Maybe I would regret leaving. But I couldn’t think of any reason why. Like stated before, Canada never much interested me and if I do want to visit it in the future, there’s always a tourist visa to come back to.

So leaving. But where to? It’s not like I WANT to go back to Germany. But it’s the devil I know. Find a room somewhere, get some stability, see what I feel like in a month or two.

Buying an airfare on rather short notice isn’t much fun and I ended up with a ticket for never-on-time airline WowAir. Will have a grueling 13h layover in Reykjavik before getting on a Norwegian flight. Intending to stay in Oslo for a bit before returning to the home country.

This feels like a rather major fuck-up, something like Kiwi-country in 2011…

In French

At a sandwich store yesterday, I order in English. The guy behind the counter is big, with a coarse face. Somebody you’d see as a bad guy in a James Bond movie.

While we wait for my order, he asks if I speak any French. “Only a little bit”, I reply in French. A smile lights up his big face, he reaches over the counter and shakes my hand.

Everything here is in French. Sometimes English is added, but if you want to read any kind of public announcement, you better brush up your Romance languages.

The language gives it a mildly exotic touch. Also the quality of food and coffee in Montreal is in line with what you would expect of a bunch of Frenchies, so that’s definitely a plus.

They have a weird system of advertising prices: It’s usually done without the taxes. Which means that the $2.50 coffee becomes a $3.15 coffee at checkout. Never seen anything like that before and don’t really get the point of it.

Day 3 of “Pondering about how long I’ll stay in Canada” begins…