Part 1: Finished

That’s it, Balkans! Pretty much one month after arriving in Budapest, I left from Thessaloniki today. It’s been a great trip with many interesting experiences, lots of great people and countless sights and places. If I were to do it again, I’d give myself more time though. Four weeks for 6-7 countries is too much of a rush.
It is because of that, that I’m a little exhausted at the moment. Ever since leaving Ulcinj, most days were travelling days. And hours in sweltering minibuses drain the batteries like nothing else.

Still, I’m very happy that I went on this adventure. Being on that bus through the Albanian countryside, thinking I was doing that instead of sitting in an office – the smile in my face went from ear to ear.

The flight over to Girona today was smooth and the city seems fairly relaxed. The hostel room has the charm of an army barrack though. The Thessaloniki hostel easily wins that comparison.



Two days in Skopje. Bit of a mixed experience but bottomline was good.

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Took the 6:00 bus to Thessaloniki today. Border took 30 minutes, cars would have taken a bit longer.

20150906_072808 20150906_091620In other news: I’ve been in touch with a Palestinian aid organisation and if things go as planned, I’ll spend October and November in Hebron, teaching conversational English to young Palestinians.