According to common folklore, baby Jesus was born some 2000 years ago. Considering how Christianity has brought two millennia of terror and suffering onto the world, why not celebrate the anniversary with a little bloodshed. Stage free for cock-fighting in the village down the road.

IMG_9706Just as on the Philippines, the cocks have a single blade tied to one of their feet.


IMG_9724Betting is a big thing and from what I’ve gathered, one can either simply bet on a winner or on how many cuts the loser will suffer.

IMG_9712The actual fights last less than a minute and end with either death or a combatant taking flight.



Famous Rice Terraces

The area north-west of Tabanan is hardly developed at all in terms of tourism infrastructure. Which is perfect for me and also a stark contrast to pretty much all of south Bali.

Up here, there is about one bed-and-breakfast per village. The one we are staying at has a total of four rooms, so locals really don’t see a lot of westerners. Some of them are keen to take pictures with my friend and me – whether it’s because we are about two heads taller than them or simply because we are foreigners, I don’t know.

This morning our host took us up the nearest mountain where he had some business to conduct to. He gave us rough directions for the way back and off we went. The first part of the way lead us through dense and incredibly green jungle. Later on the vegetation cleared and gave way to the picturesque rice terraces that Bali is so famous for.


The scenery along most of the way was absolutely marvellous and this was the nicest walk I had done on Bali. The weather is hard to cope with though. The 30°C would still be ok but with the 80-100% humidity, I was simply destroyed after the 2.5h walk. Totally worth it though.


White Noise

25th of December 2010 I spent at a waterfall in the Blue Mountains. Five years later it’s one on Bali.

The property we are staying at is green, to say the least.IMG_9658I like the outdoors bathroom a lot.