Scenic and disgusting

The train route from Belgrade to Bar is said to be one of the most scenic in Europe. I might have mentioned that before actually.

The claims are justified. When the train crouches through the Dinaric Alps, cliffs on one side, a kilometre deep drop on the other, the views are absolutely stunning. The mobile phone camera doesn’t really do it just, but it might get the idea across.

20150821_163120 20150821_192115The major downside of that trip is the train itself. 30-40 year old rolling stock I don’t mind. But the other passengers were among the most inconsiderate people I ever encountered. All the time somebody was smoking in the entrance area, which resulted in the whole train having the air of a smokers pub (minus the beer smell).

The toilet looked like… I don’t know, I’ve been to rock concerts, I’ve been to punk concerts, I’ve used trains in Thailand. But never have I seen something that disgusting. Maybe the idea of throwing a used diaper into the bin seems weird to locals.

Anyway, arrived in Podgorica in the evening, hostel is close to the station and ok-ish. Not sure yet where I’ll go next, but I think I’ll give the buses a try.

Next country, please

The stay in Užice has been a bit messy lately. The hostel staff happily informed me that I could go on a tour on Thursday. They just forgot to mention that I wouldn’t have a place to sleep afterwards, because they were fully booked that night.

When I found out late on Wednesday, I was pretty pissed and prepared for a departure the next day. Came next day, I was told that they’d have a bed for me. By that time the tour had departed. Having hoped to go on a tour today, I decided to stay, only to learn late in the evening that the tour had been cancelled.

Weather forecast is rather mediocre as well, so will head on to Podgorica today.

Yesterday’s News

It’s a work/drink coffee/chat/go for walks day today, so no new trip reports. Instead I’ll do as the media and just add to yesterday’s report.

IMG_1655The landscape was amazing – but I think I mentioned that yesterday as well.

IMG_1666The group was very small as well, just tour guide Marco from the hostel, another traveller and “the horse guy”.

IMG_1648 IMG_1671