Trainee’s Log, Sept 21st, Day 5

Every time I look down for more than a few seconds, I have a funny feeling in my head and stomach. My brain is still trying to cope with the constant up and down of the ship. Fortunately I haven’t brought forth any sacrifices to Neptune yet. Others are less fortunate.


I was on pantry duty today which meant a full night of sleep from 10 in the evening to 6:30 in the morning. Usually there’s three people on pantry duty and they take care of food and cleanliness. Setting up tables, cleaning the dishes (fortunately they have a dishwasher on board) and giving the main aisles a sweep and a wet wipe.IMG_9853

Once the breakfast mess is out of the way, I go back to bed. Ship life seems to revolve around being on watch, eating and sleeping. I do sleep a lot but that might also be an aftermath of the last weeks on the road. Always takes a couple of days to recover from that.

Aside from the cosiness of my bunk I enjoy spending time on the back of the ship near the rudder. There is something calming about looking out ahead over the ship moving through the sea.

At 11:00 I’m back in the mess to prepare for lunch. Our star chefs crank it up a notch for the captain’s birthday and serve steamed Cod on potatoes and spinach in mustard sauce. These guys have developed a devote following within the first days and from what I’ve been told they are the top end of chefs the galley of this ship has ever seen.


Pantry duty ends at 19:00 and I’ll try to get some rest before I’m back on deck at midnight.

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