Trainee’s Log, Sept 19th, Day 3

We are scheduled to leave port at 7:30 and get an accordingly early wakeup call at 6:30. For the departure it’s all hands on deck and as 0-4 watch we are responsible for the rear part of the ship. Once all lines are lose, the pilot does a 180° turn on the narrow river and we head out to sea.

Being rather short on sleep and not feeling overly well in general, I go back to my bunk for a little more rest before the watch starts at noon. Doesn’t quite work and when a constant up-and-down of the ship indicates open sea, I go back on deck.


The swell causes a fair bit of movement in the ship and soon the first victims start feeding the fish. I’m ok so far but as soon as I look down for a minute or two, I start feeling funny. Better eye the horizon.

Our watch starts with an introduction on standing lookout and rudder. Both are duties of the active watch and as such part of the trainee program. I man the outlook in the second hour and the rudder in the last. Steering the ship is reasonably easy as we are running on engine for lack of proper wind. At some point a fishing boat does wild zig-zag lines in front of us and we have to change course in order not to run over the little bugger.

After change of watch we have an emergency practice. Everybody on deck, put on the life vests.


Dinner is at 17:30 and it’s really good. The galley is manned by professional chefs and the food has been accordingly. If this was a restaurant, I’d be a regular patron.

Got a little more sleep after dinner and it’s now 21:30. Another 2.5 hours to the midnight watch. Might get a little more rest.

In other news: 400 posts published in this blog 🙂

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