Scenic and disgusting

The train route from Belgrade to Bar is said to be one of the most scenic in Europe. I might have mentioned that before actually.

The claims are justified. When the train crouches through the Dinaric Alps, cliffs on one side, a kilometre deep drop on the other, the views are absolutely stunning. The mobile phone camera doesn’t really do it just, but it might get the idea across.

20150821_163120 20150821_192115The major downside of that trip is the train itself. 30-40 year old rolling stock I don’t mind. But the other passengers were among the most inconsiderate people I ever encountered. All the time somebody was smoking in the entrance area, which resulted in the whole train having the air of a smokers pub (minus the beer smell).

The toilet looked like… I don’t know, I’ve been to rock concerts, I’ve been to punk concerts, I’ve used trains in Thailand. But never have I seen something that disgusting. Maybe the idea of throwing a used diaper into the bin seems weird to locals.

Anyway, arrived in Podgorica in the evening, hostel is close to the station and ok-ish. Not sure yet where I’ll go next, but I think I’ll give the buses a try.

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