Saturday Adventures

Towering on a mountain over Chiang Mai is Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, sacred site to the Thais and known among visitors for its views over the city. The temple can be reached by private transport or with the common red taxis (Songthaew).

As always, travelling on the road in Thailand is an impressive proof for the deep religious beliefs of the people. Only somebody convinced of reincarnation can do what they do. As a simple rule of thumb one can forget any traffic laws. Whoever has the bigger vehicle has the right of way. And a clear road is not necessary for overtaking. If a road is wide enough to fit three cars, overtaking is fine. The oncoming traffic is used to squeezing to the outer side of their lane.

Upon arrival at the temple 300 steps have to be climbed. There’s also a cable car for the not so fit. Main part of the temple is the golden chedi where Buddhists walk around to receive its energy.

In the evening we paid the Saturday market a visit. It is similar to the Sunday market but some products are offered just there. On the markets there are always musicians entertaining the crowd and making a couple of bucks. Even the police took part in it today.

Yes, that’s a proper police man with gun and everything. Can’t remember seeing something like that in the western world.

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