Khopra Ridge Trek Day 5

The lodge is a big house with a high roof and the rooms are only separated by thin walls. I wake up at 5:30 when my neighbour opens his squeaky door to visit the crapper.

Given that I was in bed before 22:00, I don’t mind the early hour, it’s getting light anyway. It still takes a moment to leave the comfort of sleeping bag and blanket. Fleece and long underpants always spend the night in bed with me, so they are nice and warm in the morning. The beanie I’m wearing all night anyway.

Kind of funny that I procrastinated Canada because of the cold and now find myself in a place that requires thick cloths and has fire as the only source of heat.


Today our walk will bring us above the tree line and slowly the vegetation changes to bushes and shrubs. The views are amazing.


I can feel the altitude today, my legs are heavier and I need to stop more often to let my pulse calm down.

At one point a group of about 40-50 yaks is grazing. They aren’t shy at all and barely move out of the way.


It’s noon when we reach Kophra Lodge @ 3660m. The location is smack on the edge of the ridge and in clear weather the views ought to be amazing.

Despite the slow ascent, I feel a bit dizzy, likely a cause of the altitude. Air pressure and with that oxygen supply are at 65% of sea level here.

A rest and spicy curry bring improvement and in the afternoon I’m fit enough for a walk up the ridge – good sign.


Almost 4km above sea level and decent wifi. Got to love tourism

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