Three weeks after moving into the flatshare I decided to get out there yesterday. The guy I shared the place with seemed like an interesting guy at first, somebody who knows a lot of people and has a lot of stories to tell. As it turned out, most of his stories where made up and nobody came around the place except the people I was meeting. He was what people call a low life. Educated and everything but still a low life.

That would have been something I could have lived with, but in addition to that the guy acted strange every time I had visitors. He complained about people intruding his space and how his people (he’s Maori) suffered from invasion for centuries. When he demanded that no more females would come over it was clearly time to pack the bags.

After the story with the job search that was another major disappointment, New Zealand still doesn’t do much for me. It certainly isn’t the worst place to stay but I regret coming here, instead of spending two more months in Asia, every other day. As I’m here now I have to bite the bullet, find work and a place to stay.

I’m working on the latter right now. Can’t be bothered to do shared accommodation any more so I’ll go for an apartment on my own. That’ll pretty much fire a nuke at my bank account and if I can’t find a decent job I’ll be in minor trouble at some point. Still, everybody in touch with IT tells me there’ll be enough work from January on and that is my opinion as well so I’ll take the risk. I came to NZ to relax and have a break from living out a backpack for a while. So far I didn’t get that.

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