Clearing Showers

The weather has improved over the last days and we got some work done. Some vineyards are hit by diseases like botrytis but most are still ok. The rain also left many blocks as big muddy puddles which is quite a problem when heavy machinery has to get through there.

The harvesters got stuck a couple of times but with the help of one or two additional tractors they got pulled out again.

As expected the work has gotten a bit easier for me. I now have more experience with driving all the tractors and learned about the different procedures. Since of yesterday I also know how to operate a forklift. We use it to take full bins of the trailers and put empty ones on.

Usually driving a forklift requires training and a license but the later doesn’t seem to be mandatory on private grounds. Initially I didn’t think it would be a good idea to put me on that thing because the full bins easily weigh 2.5t and I wouldn’t want to drop them on someone’s foot but John reckoned I’d be fine.

Since Tuesday night I’ve done about 50 hours, most of it in the last three days. The coming week will probably be quite busy as well and after that it’ll gradually slow down.

On Saturday we had a little BBQ in the shed after work. Yes, really in the shed. It’s a big shed but once the steaks were done we were smoked as well. Well, better than freezing outside. Night time temperatures are down to about 10° which is a bit uncomfortable as Australia is a country without central heating and in that old farm house it’s as cold inside as it is outside.

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