Bad Weather

At the moment the Barossa area is getting a lot of rain. That’s bad for me for two reason. Firstly the grapes can’t be harvested when it’s raining because the harvester can’t separate the wet leaves from the fruits. Secondly the grapes had enough rain and any more could do serious damage. The grapes get mouldy and prone to diseases.

I’m concerned that the harvest might come to an early end, taking away from me the opportunity to earn money for a trip to Asia and Europe. Like usually nothing is certain in the vintage and I’m hoping for the best. So far I still have work, 10h last night and more later today.

Update: Well so much for more work tonight. When I arrived at work at 8pm John was awaiting me with a glass of wine telling me there’d be no work right now. It’s still raining cats and dogs and so we chatted over a glass of wine or two and an hour later I was back home. There will probably be a couple hours tomorrow morning so now I have to just kill the time as I slept all day in expectancy of another night on the tractor.

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