Byron Bay

After weeks of travelling Hiro and I decided to take a rest in Byron Bay. The small town is situated some 150km south of Brisbane and known for its alternative lifestyle and hippy culture. There are a lot of shops that sell local and organic products (which I appreciate) as well as shops that offer tarot and coffee leaf readings (which is bollocks in my opinion).

The towns large beach is popular with surfers and sunbathers. At the moment the whole place is overrunĀ  by high school graduates also known as schoolies who celebrate their new freedom with excessive drinking and mating behaviour. Fortunately it only takes a short walk on the beach to get to some less crowded areas.

The other day we did a very nice walk along the coast to the Byron Bay lighthouse. The walkway leads by some exclusive neighbourhoods and comes alongĀ  the easternmost part of the Australian mainland. We arrived at the lighthouse just at sunset.

We are now on that part of the Australian coast that is known for its fabulous surfing beaches. A good opportunity to give surfing a try. I booked into a half-day lesson on Monday and it was really good fun. Standing on the board and riding the waves went really well. Yoga probably helps there as it develops flexibility and a good sense of balance.

Besides enjoying the beach life I also had some work to do for customers from Cairns. Good for my travel budget and to be honest, there are worse places to set up your office.

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