A Circus called Vintage

The last days have been pretty busy and working times have been all over the place. Yesterday I started at 2:30 am, worked till 1pm, went home to sleep and came back at 7pm for a couple more hours. As I’ve been told that’s pretty standard for vintage. “Sleep is overrated.” or “Eight hours off? Don’t get bed sore.” is what my co-workers say about it.

My work is usually two or three different jobs on the tractor or harvester each day and in between there is cleaning up and moving the machinery to the next job. All that stuff is not too hard, the hard part of the job is simply to cope with the long hours, few breaks and completely irregular working times.

Day and night tend to become abstract names, there is just working, sleeping, eating and sometimes taking a shower. I hope my body will be able to deal with that for the next weeks, so far I’m fine with it.

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