Travel Plans

My plans for the time between Germany and New Zealand are getting more and more tangible. First of all, that time will most likely be extended. Hiro will be back in SEA on the first of November and we want to take the opportunity to spend some time together.

On the 8th of September airberlin will hopefully deliver me at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport and I’ll spend the first couple of days in that dirty and fascinating chaos to accustom myself to SEA again. After that – I’m still not sure. My idea at the moment is to head west towards Vietnam with a couple of stops in Thailand and Cambodia along the way. They have a lot of diving down there and Phnom Phen is said to be quite interesting as well.

In Vietnam I would make my way up north towards Hanoi and into Laos to meet up with Hiro. Then it’s Laos, Thailand and Malaysia.

I still have to do a lot of research: Visa requirements, climate, means of travel, recommended sights, currencies, armed conflicts, recent natural disasters, … I spend a lot of time with that and in a way that’s how I finance my travels. Not with earning money but instead with finding out how to move on a budget and skipping expensive guided tours.

There is some amazing sources on the web, have a look at travelfish if you want to get your mind out the office for a minute. Or 500px if you’re into photography.

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