September and October

Right then, time for a little travel review.

As written earlier, the stay on the Balkans was great. So this is mostly about the time after I departed Thessaloniki, the time when things got a bit bumpy.

Right after Greece, in Morocco, there were ups and downs. Tangier annoyed the crap out of me while Chefchaouen won me over with its laid back attitude and gorgeous scenery. But apart from locations, Morocco was also the first week with a different style of travelling. Suddenly I had a fixed itinerary with places to be and flights to catch.

That took me out of my rhythm, it took away the “no idea where I’ll be next week” feeling, that I enjoy so much about travelling.

Spain was a country I had no intentions of spending much time in. It’s western Europe: organised, touristy, boring and expensive. Cadiz was a noteworthy exception but in regards to “travel appeal”, the rest was leaps and bounds behind destinations like the Balkans or Asia.

Or Palestine for that matter. That was a place I wanted to go back to, see more of, experience more. Sadly that didn’t quite work out. I think the decision to leave was right, albeit I’m not sure I did it for the right reasons. Still, the country remains very high on the list of places I want to visit again. But no idea when that’ll be.

The next issue I want to focus on is how I want to lead my life in the next 6 to 12 months. I’m eager to meet others who follow the “nomadic lifestyle”, others who work and travel.

With my upcoming travels, I want to pay attention to planning less and enjoying more. Spending time where I want to and not where an airline ticket tells me to be. I had learned that lesson during my 2010-2012 trip, but it seems I had forgotten about it.


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