Return to SIN

Way sooner than expected, I booked my return flight to Singapore. I will stay in my flat as long as it’s paid for, using the time to plan more travel adventures in SEA. Right after moving out, I’ll be on a plane on the 6th, arriving in Singapore in the early evening.

What exactly follows after is not decided yet. An important factor will be at what time my flat in Germany will be available. I have to give three month notice but the tenant might be willing to move out earlier. In case he doesn’t, I have three months to spend and I don’t want to annoy my family by staying with them the whole time.

Coming back straight after leaving AKL wouldn’t be an option anyway. Not with SEA and dirt cheap holidays on the way. The least I want to do is go overland from SIN through Malaysia (food, food and Muslim culture) and southern Thailand (food, limestone scenery and tropical beaches) to BKK.

Can I afford that? Yes! While I’m not the one to travel on a USD5/day budget (some people do), I can easily enjoy five weeks in SEA for the money I would spend in AKL in two weeks (this city is so ridiculously expensive).

Should time and budget allow it (not very likely), I would consider flying out of Hong Kong instead of Bangkok, adding another 3000km through northern Thailand, Laos and China to the trip. Tempting but probably not feasible this time.

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