Plans for the Future

Now that an end of my one year visa is foreseeable it is time to think about the time after May. Returning to Germany is not an option at the moment as I’m not done exploring this amazing country yet and I don’t miss anything about Germany except family and friends.

My plan is to get a second year working holiday visa which requires me to work three months (or 88 days) in rural Australia. Should I succeed with that I want to give working in IT a proper try. Which means sitting in an office for at least 40h a week and being told what to do. I expect it to be a depressing and unpleasant experience but there are two reasons to go for it. Firstly the payment is usually multiple times of what any decent job would earn me. Secondly I want to see how Aussies do that kind of work.

Maybe I’m just scarred by my former employer where my supervisors showed a continuous lack of competence when it came to leading employees or planning and executing projects. Maybe working in IT can be a good experience where one does not necessarily borderline burn-out and depression. If so I want to know as sooner or later I want to have a family and will need means to support it.

Not returning to Germany now also means that I will loose a rather expensive bet. But it’s so worth it. I’m not sure yet if I will come back for a couple of weeks to see loved ones. As much as I would like to do that, the $2000 for the return ticket are way out of my league at the moment.

As for the near future: I plan on leaving the farm early May and do a two weeks road trip to Adelaide via Melbourne. In Adelaide I will crash at my friend’s place for as long as he can take it. After that I need a couple more weeks of farm work before applying for the second year visa. Should the application fail for whatever reason: New Zealand I’m coming!

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