Nightlife in Adelaide

The last week’s been pretty relaxed. We stayed home for the weekend, just chilled and watched movies. Not much more to do with the rainy weather outside.

On Tuesday it was cinema time. My friend and some people from the company worked on the special effects for Prince of Persia and we wanted to see the results on the big screen.

We started the weekend with a night out in the pubs on Friday. Adelaides Rundle Street is one of those nice streets where you get out of one pub and into the next one with less than ten steps to go.

Like all food and drinks in Australia your beer at the pub is insanely expensive. That is at least if you come from the heavily subsidized European Union and especially from low price alcohol wonderland Germany. One small pizza and a beer? That’ll be 20 bucks. Cocktail and a Jack Daniels? 25 dollars please.

More from the weekend and my first visit to a casino soon in this blog.

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