Monkey Temple #2

Ah, nothing like seeing a goat get slaughtered on the way to breakfast!

IMG_9855Just as the previous Saturday, I joined the local volunteer organisation Green Soldiers on their way up to the monkey temple.

IMG_9894It’s incredible and sad how fast plastic garbage amasses up there. The government employed cleaners take their job overly easy and simply swipe everything over the next edge, creating clean pathways and dirty surroundings.

Before and after “work” there’s always time for tea and the monkeys don’t say no to cookies either.

IMG_9884After we finished the cleaning round, I went to take a few shots of motives I had seen on the way.

IMG_9903Same program two Saturdays in a row, I’m starting to develop a routine. But no worries so far, happy days in Kathmandu.

IMG_9942In other news: I’ve been accepted as a contributor on Shutterstock. No idea whether I’ll ever sell a photo, but having been approved feels like the Queen of England herself knighted me. That chunky old wretch.

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