Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is probably the most laid-back SEA city I’ve seen so far. It’s quiet, even has a curfew at midnight, and being propped between two rivers, there is nature and beautiful views just minutes from the centre of town.

After dusk a night market opens, similar to that in Chiang Mai but much smaller. It’s the spot where everybody grabs souvenirs and the side-alleys cater for the hungry. Several shops offer a buffet where one can load a plate full of food for just over a dollar.

After dinner we went to see a local fashion show at a nearby bar. Not totally my cup of tea but interesting to see all the different tribal costumes. Lao PDR is home to almost 50 ethnic minorities, that’s a lot of different clothes.

The presentation was followed by a hip-hop show – not something I expected to see in a remote corner of a socialist country. Yet the youngster performing there demonstrated some impressive skills.

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