Lazy Days

There is countless things to do in El Nido. Island hopping, diving, climbing – but why all the stress.

I rented a motorbike (aka a 125cc scooter) and went with Efren, a local couchsurfer, to a beach about 45 minutes out of town. The place isn’t very far but the “roads” (Feldweg in German) suggest a slow pace.

The surf was good and playing in the waves brought up childhood memories of summer vacations on a Danish island.

A local “restaurant” offered some really nice grilled fish. It’s amazing how much seafood I’ve eaten during my stay on the islands. Usually I go for meat but the fish here is so fresh (usually caught the same day it’s on the plate) that it would be a shame to pass on that opportunity. Yesterday it was grouper steamed with onions, garlic and ginger – yumm.

Off to Puerto Princesa tomorrow, flight to Manila leaves early on the 26th.


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