It’s been good

Sitting at the airport in Puerto Princesa, waiting for my flight to Manila. Scheduled to leave the country tomorrow in the afternoon.

My life back home seems really far at the moment, not only geographically. From the moment I left FRA, it felt like I was traveling again and time was of lesser concern.

Right now I’m ready for some rest. My back is stiff like a brick from too many hours of sitting in too small vehicles on bumpy roads. My shoulders are sunburnt (hate overcast days, can never tell when I’m in the sun) and judging by the bite marks on my upper body, I made some insects really happy on that Tao cruise.

While that might not sound like I had a relaxing holiday, I actually did! And far more so then at some fancy resort. For it wasn’t my body that ached for rest, but my mind instead.

In that regard, staying at hostels, meeting with locals and using (tiny) public transportation helped a lot, as it put me back into the traveling mindset.

I’m not sad that my vacation is coming to an end. I’m happy that I had such an amazing time once again. And, as I’m getting older, there is thing I’m looking forward to. Showers that don’t flood the bathroom the second you use them, proper sidewalks, vehicles that allow me to sit upright and without my knees squeezing into the front seat, drinkable tap water, cleanliness in general,…

Dare I ask my boss for some unpaid leave later this year? Indonesia sounds pretty cool.


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