Glemseck 101

Glemseck 101, the annual motorcycle event near Stuttgart on the former Solitude race track. Loooooots of motorcycles.


Some of them quite… unusual. Anybody remember that Mel Gibson movie, Mad Max? This bike seems fit for the post-apocalyptic road-trip.


Others featured a more morbid outfit. How many times does one get pulled over by the cops on a thing like this?

IMG_7196Apparently some vendors have discovered little girls as their target group. Pink, who does that to a motorcycle?


While you’re at the bike show, why not get a haircut, listen to country music and drink a beer. Sounds like such a perfect afternoon.

IMG_7190As always, Kawasaki is hunting for punters with every trick in the book.

IMG_7161All in all a nice event with a cool atmosphere. Tad crowded maybe…


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