How often do you get the chance to see a street-racing event up close? For me the answer is: not very often and thus I was keen to watch the annual event in my hometown.


It’s certainly not for everyone but if you happen to have an interest in motorcycles, racing AND photography, it’s plain awesome.


The whole event has a laid-back spirit and the paddock is open to visitors. Actually if one wants to walk from A to B during the event, it’s pretty much inevitable to walk through at least one paddock.

Most of the riders are amateurs and the race organisers put an emphasis on safety over top laptimes. Despite that, the occasional slip-and-slide does occur but nothing too severe happend from all I could tell.


Some of the most fun to watch races are the sidecars. Surprised me a little in the beginning but it’s hard not to get excited when you see the guys and girls leaning into the turns, almost falling out of their vehicles.

IMG_8471 The motorcycles taking part in the races span a wide range of ages, some are from the 70s, others aren’t older than 2-3 years. IMG_8747IMG_8610

The track leads through an industrial harbour area which gives the event a nice and unique flair.IMG_8691  Fun for the riders, fun for the fans – highly recommended. IMG_8364

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