Fast Forward

Over the weekend I met up with James, whom I met in Ha Long Bay. He’s been in town for a couple of weeks and has some information about the accommodation situation. I’m intending to stay here for quite a while and asked him about flat-shares. On Thursday I’m moving in.

This morning I rang a recruitment agency that had an ad about a software development job on a popular Kiwi website. They asked me to do a short online assessment (70 questions…) and a minute after I had finished, my phone rang and they asked me to come in for an interview tomorrow.

Later today they gave me another ring, telling me their client was desperate (their words) to meet up with me and if I could pop in a bit earlier.

Spend the day with getting my apparel organized and tomorrow I’ll be back in the world of suit-wearing jokers. This is going much faster than I expected.

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