Diving, Baby!

It’s been three years, way too long to go without something as amazing as diving. Coron offers some of the best diving in the area, partially due to the fact that half a sunken Japanese fleet provides an abundance of wrecks waiting to be explored.

I had checked some of the operators in town and decided to go with Corto Divers, a French run dive shop. Call me racist but when it comes to dive safety I rather trust equipment that is being maintained by westerners.

At around nine in the morning we had assembled our gear and drove down to the local “harbor” where the “dive boat” was moored.

Half an hour out onto the water we stopped at a small beach were I got a refresher course and two others their first introductory dive. Everything went smooth and an hour later we were back on the boat for lunch. Freshly cooked aboard and absolutely delicious.



The following “retrospective on the dive” (read: nap) returned some energy and around noon we headed to a small island for a lake dive.

Lake diving was a first for me and it was a pretty awesome first. This particular lake has different layers of water, the first being fresh water with a temperature of 28 degrees and reaching down to about 13m. Following are 10m of 38 degree warm salt water (bathtub).

It’s fascinating to hold one hand into warm water and the other into much cooler just 1m higher. The layers are so clearly separated that the thresholds are visible with the bare eye.




What else is there to say? A yes, nice tropical sunsets they have around here.


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