Adelaide Take 2

Adelaide sure is nicer in the summer. After the somewhat cold and rainy experience I had earlier, the sunny and warm days now are one heck of an improvement. In the last days I checked out some of the beaches in Adelaide. They are a bit different to what I’m used to from the east coast. No signs warning about crocodiles, stingers, submerged rocks, dangerous currents and whatever. Just sand and warm water. So relaxing to take a swim here.

Besides the nice beaches I greatly enjoy having a room on my own as well as a kitchen and bathroom that are not shared with random people.

For the evenings my friend found a very nice way to counter the horrendous beer prices here in Australia. He started brewing his own stuff. It is quite easy, add the basic ingredients in a big container, add water and sugar and let the yeast do it’s work for the next couple of weeks. The ale he already created doesn’t have to hide behind commercial beers, I was really impressed. Right now a Kilkenny-style English bitter is in the make.

In other news: I had another encounter with Australia’s most venomous wildlife in the garden. Two redback spiders put up their webs behind the air con. With the white-tailed spider that ran up my arm on the farm in Yass I’ve now met two of the three most unpleasant spiders in Australia. Only the number one, the funnel web, is still to go but I’m not too keen on meeting that one.

Those spiders are quite amazing though, the redback has a body length of 1cm max but it’s able to kill children, elders or ill people if its bite is not treated within a day or so. Fortunately it’s still much easier to kill them.

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