Vintage is over

Earlier than expected the vintage came to an end for me. Most of the grapes are harvested and what is left will be taken care of by the base crew on the farm, no need for additional helpers.

People say it’s been the worst vintage in decades. Thousands of tons of grapes were destroyed by disease and most of the rest won’t make for a great wine either.

While I would have liked to work for a little longer I’m also relieved that the circus is over. The peak of the season was just plain exhausting and even the somewhat quiet last week wasn’t much better. Recover for a day or two, have another day with 30 hours no sleep and I just feel fucked again.

Fortunately the money I earned will most likely allow me to go overseas. The plan is to go to Melbourne next week and try to sell the car. Should everything go smooth there I’ll get on a plane a week later and be off to Thailand. Haven’t planned much for my time there, just see Hiro and find out what Asia is like. After that it’s time to have a look at Germany.

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