The Others

There hasn’t been much travelling in my life lately – and thus little to write about.

However others had their adventures and provided some entertaining reading for cold and dark winter evenings.

First on the list of recommended reads is a few stories by Huyen. I met her in Georgetown where we teamed up for the ride to Krabi. In her blog she shares some experiences from her time in Kuala Lumpur and a recent trip to the temples of Angkor:

While in Phnom Penh I was hosted by Eric, who at the time worked as a development aid consultant for a local hospital. He just returned to the US after a year on the road, spending an incredibly little USD 2000 in the process. Yes, one year of travelling for the equivalent of a month’s wage in the western world. Fun facts about hitch-hiking from Cambodia to France and more in his report:

Finally here’s two blogs of modern nomads. Guys who roam the world (one of them since 2004) and write about a life that’s beyond imagination for most:

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