Called the camera shop all morning but didn’t get anybody on the phone. Finally decided to just do the 20 minute walk down there and see what was up with my lens.

Deposit slip, note the two dates!

The guy behind the counter recognised me and signalled thumbs up, the lens is repaired! Asking how much it cost, he told me 5800 – the top end of the range he had quoted the previous day. Little rascal. Still, at roughly $50 that’s about a third of what this repair would have cost in a western country. They even cleaned the glass elements. Time will tell how good the repair was, but for now all is working well.

And just as yesterday, a couple of impressions from the way to and fro…

Checking the news, I guess
… and young
Dealing with… bamboo? Sugar cane?
Local dish Thukpa, topped with sliced omelette


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