Lake what?

Another nice day in the high Alps. It started a little cool and overcast but around noon turned into a sunny, slightly cloudy day.

I had contemplated to visit some sights around the lake today but the prospect of more amazing roads and stunning scenery won me over. So back on the bike.

The first part of this trip took me south along the Alps before heading back into the fun at Sonthofen. It’s just incredible what kind of roads they’ve got here. Could I have some for takeaway, please?


The new bike is performing very well. It’s lean and agile and the wider aftermarket handlebar makes each sequence of turns pure joy. The V-twin pushes nicely from the bottom and its sound isn’t too shabby either. Wouldn’t want to do this area with the CBR.


People along the road have been very friendly and welcoming wherever I stopped. Coffee and cake have been my main nutrition during the day. Don’t want to feel sleepy after a hearty local meal.

And the Lake Constance? Well so far it’s been a big body of water under a grey and overcast sky. No thanks, I grew up near the North Sea. Might see a little more of it on the way back tomorrow. If not then I don’t think I’ve missed out much, considering what views I enjoyed instead.


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