Estas Tonne

Elemental sounds of the universe, that’s how Estas Tonne describes his music. I had seen some of his performances on youtube and liked his unique and dynamic style a lot. His album “Internal Flight” has become one of my favourite tunes to listen to while sitting in a train and watching the countryside whip past.

Today Estas played in Crailsheim at the “Kulturwochenende” and I went to see his performance. Some time before he went on stage, I came across him in the streets, apparently both of us looking for the stage he was supposed to climb. Funny feeling, seeing him in real life for the first time.

His “show” is rather pure, without much ado or showmanship. He got on the stage a quarter of an hour in advance, put up his equipment, went for a smoke and then just started to play. No talk, no introduction, just music.


From what I remember, he played for about 50 minutes and pretty much straight, only giving the audience two short opportunities to applaud between songs. Yes, his songs tend to be on the long side.



Having finished his awesome performance, Estas had chats with people approaching the stage, signed albums and seemed like a very relaxed and down-to-earth guy.


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