Brussels? Bruxelles? Brusela?

Some airports have acceptable coffee, I remember Ljubljana favourably. Other airports just don’t deliver on the front of hot caffeinated beverages.

Brussels seems to be strongly set on that list, as all the establishments I saw had those one-button-press machines. Those that generate a light brown insult to the coffee bean.

So what do to? I have a 4.5 hour layover and the city center is 20 minutes by train. Is that going a bit far for a cup of coffee? Maybe, but you won’t get the best if you settle for anything less.

Brussels itself is quite a cute city. Bit of a nasty surprise though: got off the train and suddenly everybody spoke French. Oh well, the coffee and a really good carrot cake make up for it.

Let’s see if Belgian railways is more reliable than their German counterpart and gets me back to the airport on time.