Brisbane 2016

Six weeks in Adelaide already – time flies when you’re enjoying yourself. On Tuesday it was time to move on and in the early afternoon I waved goodbye to my home of 1.5 months through the window of an airplane.

The rather tiny E190 jet climbed up and away from the state capital and the view from above showed the dry vastness that is South Australia.


The flight over to Brisbane takes 2.5h, which Adelaide locals consider short (would take you across 3-4 countries in Europe). A strong south-easterly wind gave the plane a proper shaking before we arrived fifteen minutes ahead of time.

Brisbane’s airport is just a 30 minute train ride from the CBD and I showed up at my accommodation earlier than expected. Initially I was a little concerned about staying at a hostel after six weeks in a private room, but the atmosphere dragged me right back in.

In the evening I meet up with a friend from old times and after a brief visit to a local Ramen shop, we explored the Southbank area along the river. This part of the city is by far my favourite, as it is quiet and offers a nice view over the CBD.


Briefly the scenery of a river winding through skyscrapers reminded me of Bangkok, but this river fortunately doesn’t have much in common with the biohazard the Thais call Chao Phraya.


Wednesday started with a bit of work and a chat with one of my room mates. Friendly young gal from California who is in town for a festival and offered some of her weed to me. Screw the Hilton – this is backpacking.

In the afternoon I met up with a client of mine whom I hadn’t seen in years. Dinner and a few beers make for an all round nice and relaxed evening.

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