Stopover in Singapore

Now that’s what I call a nice airport! Just took a swim in the rooftop pool on Terminal 1 and enjoyed the view from the pool bar over the airport. WLAN internet access is free – makes Frankfurt look like third world.

The journey has been without trouble so far. We left home around 15:30 on Thursday and reached Bremen airport less than an hour later. Pleasant surprise at the check-in: Lufthansa can forward my luggage to Qantas so no pickup and transport necessary in Frankfurt.

The flight to Singapore boarded and left with a slight delay but arrived in time. Now I’ve got an hour left before the plane to Adelaide boards.

The swimming pool is located on the roof of terminal 1. Access is free for guests of the Ambassador transit hotel, everybody else pays SGD 14. The fee includes a towel and a (non-alcoholic) drink at the pool bar.

WiFi is free but you need to register your passport details to get a username/password. Head to the nearest info booth to get that sorted.


There was still an open todo on my list: getting rid of my car. It was approaching an age and a mileage where expensive repairs where to be expected and leaving it standing around for one year surely wouldn’t improve it’s condition.

For two days I visited the dealers in town and finally found one who was willing to pay almost two grand for the car. That’s a really good price. Not as good as selling it to a an individual but there was no response to my online add and time isn’t on my side here.

Leaving Home

Friday 11:30 – the flat is empty, the cellar full and the car cramped. After days of packing and cleaning I’m ready to go. The last week was really nice, a lot of people dropped by to say goodbye. Gonna be a year until I see them again.

Surprisingly many people are convinced that I’ll like Australia so much I won’t even come back. So far I’ve waggered €200 that I will come back.

Now it’s family time for three weeks. On May 20th the flight to Adelaide goes.